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About us

Chiamaci Scrivici

About us

We do things responsibly.

Responsibility towards our customers to guarantee the best brokerage service for the sale or rental of a property, with a professional and above all transparent approach. We try every time to best understand the needs and aspirations of our customers.


We are specialized.

Laura and her team are specialized in property management and working with foreign military and civilian clients. For over 25 years we have been among the top agencies accredited to lease properties to U.S. citizens and those of the NATO forces present in our territory. The team provides a complete list of services such as: market research, contract conclusion and above all the management and maintenance of the property.

Furthermore, having gained 20 years of experience in the management of real estate initiatives carried out in Vicenza, particularly in the residential sector of new buildings and in the restoration, conservation, restructuring and redevelopment of existing real estate. Giampietro proposes himself as the ideal consultant both for the definition of the best investment opportunities and for the high standard of professional investment services.


We have values.

Finally, our values ��are those that we put into our work and also look for in our collaborative relationships with other colleagues. Agenzia Progetto strongly believes in the importance of being up to date, professional growth and the relationships between colleagues in the sector by adhering to the principles and the deontological code of FIAIP (Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents).



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